Is Smart Bands Worth Buying (Things You Must Consider)

Are smart bands worth buying

In the modern world, technology is evolving at a fast pace. New generations like things instantly. Older generations are also becoming used to the idea of getting things at the click of a button. One of the devices revolutionizing the way people use technology is a smart band. With a host of features, they improve the lives of their users. Thus, they are becoming increasingly popular.

What Are Smart Bands?

A smart Band is a device you usually wear around your wrist. It merges the vital features of smartwatches and also those of fitness bands. The earliest records of something similar to smart bands point at written records. These records were meant to track the activities of people. It encouraged people to stay active and fit.  These records were fed in computers manually. However, with advances in technology, experts played with the idea of capturing the details of exercises or other activities automatically. Then, people could monitor this data.

Further, they thought of integrating this on a device that one could wear or carry around. In this way, the first wearable device for athletes was formed. This device could monitor the heart rate of the athletes. Later, several such devices were available in the market. The leading early wearable technology was that of cycle computers that were the size of a watch. These devices could measure velocity, time, etc. After this, many new improvements and features came to smart bands. Today, a smart band can even synchronize with your phone!

What Can Smart Bracelets Do?

Although the earliest wearable technology offered only limited functions, today the smart bracelet has some of the best features modern technology can offer. Here are a few things your smart bracelet can do for you:

Detect Movement

A smart bracelet has an electronic device called an accelerometer. This device measures any change in position, including vibration, depending on how sensitive it is. Its properties change when there is any movement. And this change causes the device to send electronic signals. Your smart bracelet interprets these signals and understands that you are moving. Further, the accelerometer in most smart bracelets is tri-axial, meaning that they work in three dimensions. Therefore, they are much more accurate. In addition to this, your smart bracelet can measure the amount of change and calculate the number of steps you have taken. Thus, you can use these devices to keep track of your exercise regimen.

Calculate Calories

Your smart bracelet has a built-in sensor that detects movements. Using this and factoring in your metabolism, it calculates the number of calories you burnt during the day. This feature makes the device extremely important to keep track of your fitness activities.

Synchronize With Your Phone

A smart bracelet can synchronize with your phone or tablet, making it easier and more convenient for you. It has a Bluetooth feature. Thus, it can even record data and send it to the device with which it is synchronized. Further, your device can even share the data on your social media.

Monitor Your Health

Your smart bracelet can even monitor some parameters which indicate your health. It has a photoelectric sensor on itself which lets it monitor the blood vessels on your wrist. However, it does so in a non-intrusive manner. It only sends light from its source to your blood, which then absorbs a certain frequency of light. Then, when your heart pumps the blood, the device can measure the number of times your heart beats in a minute. Further, it can also monitor your blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in it.

Track Your Sleep Habits

Most smart bracelets today come with a feature that you must activate when you sleep. Once activated, the device will measure your movements using its accelerometer. Further, it analyzes these movements based on parameters that experts establish. In this way, it can tell whether you are in deep sleep, light sleep, disturbed sleep, etc. It then combines all the data and tells you the quality of your sleep. This is especially useful for people who have trouble falling asleep or for those who have sleeping disorders.


Your smart bracelet can also remind you to do some exercise! While you can also set alarms on your device for this purpose, this is very different from that. If you wear your smart bracelet and sit in one place for a long time, it will be able to sense that. It is because it has a sensor that can detect vibrations. So, it will detect even the slightest movements. Thus, if you sit idle for more than a while, it will ask you to move around a bit.

Are Smart Bands Worth It?

Yes, they help make your life more convenient. From being fashion accessories to storing important data and monitoring your health, smart bands are becoming more and more efficient every day. They are also small in size and lightweight. Therefore, wearing them is not an additional problem for anyone. However, you can get the value for your money only from them only if you use them appropriately.

Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?

They can be. These devices can monitor your health and track your fitness activities. Modern fitness trackers are becoming increasingly accurate. But the question of whether or not they are worth it depends completely on you. Fitness trackers can only monitor and give you the data. However, you are the person who has to act on the data. So, if you are motivated by numbers, data, and daily reports, a fitness tracker can be worth your while. However, if these things cannot motivate you, you will not be able to extract their value.

Should I Buy a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch can serve many purposes. And, since one can wear them as accessories, people are very into buying them. Moreover, many people who buy it end up using it quite well. However, all these facts still cannot replace an individual’s choice. Here are some reasons you should buy a smartwatch:

  • You can use them to see notifications on your phone.
  • They can monitor your sleep and exercise.
  •  You would never miss important calls.
  • Some smartwatches have a GPS.
  • They can make finding your phone easier.

As with any device, it is not all positives. Here are some disadvantages of smartwatches that might make you have second thoughts:

  • They might hurt your pocket.
  • It is difficult to answer calls with smartwatches.
  • They are not waterproof.
  • You may not even need all the functions they offer.
  • They have limited battery life.

You, as an individual, should decide what matters more to you. For example, if you always like staying on top of your notifications, you might find that your smartwatch is useful. On the other hand, if you get annoyed by too many notifications, you may not like to wear a smartwatch on your wrist. Therefore, a smartwatch has both pros and cons. You should buy it only if it suits your needs.

Which is Better Smartwatch, Fitness Band or Smart Band?

A smartwatch has more features when compared to a fitness band. It can help you control music and even monitor your health parameters. In addition to these, a smartwatch will also generally have all the features that fitness bands offer. Also, they differ from fitness bands in terms of the kind of connectivity they offer. While both have Bluetooth and WIFI features, a smartwatch can also use cellular networks. This means that you can use them without using your phone. So, smartwatches are more adaptable than fitness bands.

However, they can be much larger than fitness bands, making them difficult to wear. Furthermore, since they have so many features, they do not have high battery life. Also, some advanced fitness bands have additional features like a GPS tracker. Coming to Smart Bands, they offer the best of both worlds. This is because they combine the best features of both fitness bands and smartwatches. That said, each of these devices has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

As to which one is better, it will depend on the purpose. For example, if you only want to track your fitness activities, a fitness band would suffice. It would offer some advantages because it is light and easy to carry.

What are the Benefits of Smart Band?

Smart Bands are the latest products of wearable technology. Thus, they offer some huge advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • You can use them as fashion accessories.
  • They have a bunch of features you can access easily.
  • Smart Bands are waterproof.
  • They do not consume too much power.
  • They have a great user interface, making them ridiculously easy to use.
  • You can carry them around everywhere.

Which Brand is Best for Smart Band?

With the demand for smart bands on the rise, many brands are joining the revolution. Therefore, it can be hard to know which one is best for buying a smart band. In terms of return on investment, reliability, features, and user interface; Mi, OnePlus, and Lenovo sell some of the most popular smartwatches.


Hope you now know more about smart bands. Their market is growing rapidly and buying one may be a good choice. However, you should have realistic expectations and make an informed decision after reading about their benefits and drawbacks.

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