Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation?


To be very fair, almost every device around us these days are prone to emit some form of radiation. However, people often take a step back and wonder if they’re all safe for regular use. Others also worry about how something as simple as a watch could emit radiation and if it’s a cause of concern.

Many devices around us emit radiation consistently, without a break. Although electronics such as mobile phones and WiFi might emit higher radiation and influence the human body, no fatality reports exist to date. Phew!

Nevertheless, I’m here to talk about smartwatches – the underdog when it comes to radiation. So, bear with me as I inform you about radiations and their effects on watches.

Do Regular Watches Emit Radiation?

Truthfully, all digital and smartwatches emit magnetic radiation, which is one type of electromagnetic radiation. However, experts believe that the radiated amount of this element is relatively low but might raise concerns when kept at close proximities to the human body. Moreover, people regularly turn their heads on many radiation sources such as Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, and WiFi.

Even though all electronic devices emit EMF, the rates vary depending on the models. EMF can be harmful if exposed over a long period.

When users become electro-hypersensitive, they could face skin rashes, wrist pain, diabetes, headaches, and even ADHD.

The initial symptoms for these could be frequent illnesses and lethargy. Consequently, regular watches emit a lower percentage of EMF, as some of their energy is lost due to heat.

However, you’ll be happy to know that the proven dangers of EMF from watches aren’t acute. Since the EMF radiation on them are negligible compared to more significant powerful devices such as a TV.

Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation?

It’s a no-brainer by now that wireless devices like smartwatches emit electromagnetic radiation as well. This is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and x-rays; UV rays are just a few more examples.

DNA mutations can only occur when the smartwatches carry the required amount of energy. This can only be done through UV photons, X-rays, and gamma rays. Now, even though devices such as smartwatches, portable devices, and mobile phones emit EMF radiation, they are not sufficient enough to entirely alter our DNAs. Thus, radiation emitted from smartwatches can’t alter our DNA.

Therefore, according to the FDA, users have nothing to worry about.

On the contrary, smartwatches are connected to cellular data, WiFi and Bluetooth all the time. Needless to say, their connectivity raises their bars of being high on emitting radiation.

Mobile phones and WiFi routers spark the most significant concerns for EMF. Therefore, it’s an unwise idea to wear them at all times.

Is Wearing Smart Watch Harmful?

In reality, you can never swear off smartwatches altogether. Think about the many advantages that smartphones pose in your everyday life. People are far more worried about security and protection threats that gadgets carry and transmit daily.

Let’s get real; you can’t entirely abstain from smartwatches in order to avoid EMF radiations. If that were the case, you would have to evade all electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops. In hindsight, wearing smartwatches responsibly can be as beneficial as the device’s functions itself.

Here are a few ways through which you can minimize the effects of the radiation.

  • Wear it responsibly.
  • Use the airplane mode.
  • Stop using the sleep tracking function.
  • Purchase an EMF shield.
  • You can switch to analog watches.

Is Smartwatch Radiation Harmful?

The EMF radiation that smartwatches emit can be highly harmful and degrading, which most users are unaware of; therefore, they have no knowledge about what triggers them.

Even though it’s clear that these radiations can’t alter our DNA, the effects must still be looked into. The impact of smartwatch radiations can be as mild as a headache but quickly escalate to more significant issues such as nervous system damage, miscarriages, and dizziness.

According to research, the radiofrequency electromagnetic field that some smartwatches and devices emit might be carcinogenic.

Moreover, these wearable smartwatches also non-ionizing radiation as the technology receives and sends data through radiofrequency.

While using WiFi and Bluetooth, they comply with FCC regulations. However, many aspects of health hazards are still not considered, such as children’s low development of the skull, non-thermal, and other long-term effects on the human body.

Do Smartwatches Cause Health Problems?

According to WHO, there has been no evidence of poor health conditions or health issues due to the usage of cell phones.

By now, we’ve already understood that the radiation of mobile phones is much higher and harmful than smartwatches. In reality, using a smartwatch can never be as dangerous as making and receiving calls that operate only a few inches away from the human brain.

Furthermore, wearable devices with powerful batteries can also cause leukemia. However, this phenomenon takes time.

Therefore, if the battery is in close proximity for prolonged periods and several years, it could result in such mishaps. Even though researchers often debate about the exact health risks that technology such as smartwatches poses, they always team up with aware parents.

The radiation emission can cause plenty of health issues in children quicker, and the risks are higher as they’re in the developing stage. Researchers believe that adults can never evade gadgets; however, they recommend keeping radioactive devices away from their heads and reducing usage time.

In hindsight, we can’t forget the high functionality that smartwatches have on our health and well-being. Sometimes, we can’t register our stress, blood pressure, and heart rates in a crisis.

So, how can you understand that your heart rate is shooting up?

Smartwatches can help you with that. If you pick up on the abnormalities sooner, you can take assistance or calm your nerves in prompt time.

Let’s not forget that these features are a huge plus for working people who are under a constant cloud of hypertension and stress. Moreover, it might save you a trip to the emergency room too. It’s a win-win.

Does Wearing Smartwatch Cause Cancer

This one has ignited most of the debates thus far. The tug of war between scientists, doctors, and researchers about smartwatches and radioactive devices leading to cancer is always on the rise.

The truth is that even though there have been numerous studies on the subject, there lies no direct proof that radiation is the sole reason for cancer. There are many fragments of links, but neither can entirely accept or deny the cause and effect.

The National Cancer Institute says no authentic connection has been made to claim that cell phone users have cancers in their neck, head, nerves, or brain. Evidently, there’s a vast gap in research in this field.

On the other hand, the rate of brain cancers has been pretty flat for the past few years. If there were a direct link between radiations being the sole cause of brain cancers, the rates would have skyrocketed by now, given the increased use of mobile phones alone. 

In 2015, The New York Times published a misleading article that claimed that smartwatches could give you cancer. However, the false accusation has ever since been debunked, and no further proof has supported the claim.

In all honesty, to this day, there has been no confirmation that could claim that humans, animals, or cells can pose cancer due to radiofrequency energy.

Is It Bad to Wear a Smartwatch All the Time?

Having said all of that, it’s obvious why using a smartwatch would heighten the concerns regarding EMF radiation. After all, these devices are connected to Bluetooth services or WiFi at all times for greater convenience.

Fortunately, smartphones that emit EMF radiation aren’t as powerful as any other electronic devices. Therefore, the risks of causing significant harm to human health are closer to none.

Moreover, users find peace in the fact that the FDA has approved its usage and claimed nothing concerning smartwatches.

As long as you know the limits and wear them sensibly, they can benefit your daily life. Whether you wear them for entertainment, working out, or keeping track of your chores, not wearing smartwatches all the time could bring down the effects drastically.

Final Words

So what are our takeaways from this article? It’s generic to be alarmed but, it’s dangerous to be misinformed. Smartwatches emit EMF radiation; therefore, it goes without saying that they have some risks associated with them.

However, since the dangers of smartwatches are incredibly low, users don’t have to toss their investment in the trash yet. Smartwatches have abundant benefits, starting from keeping track of your REM cycle to even maintaining your health.

The radio frequencies and their emitted threats are much lower compared to the advantages we ensure in our everyday lives from smartwatches. The only precaution that smartwatch users need is to limit and control its use. If you’re wearing and coming into contact with these EMF radiations with enough gaps and responsibility, you have nothing to worry about.

So, go ahead and use your smartwatch stress-free. After all, you must have dropped the big bucks on them.

If you are a tech-savvy person, then maybe we have something in common. My name is Elena Davis, and I love everything technology. Testing new wearable technology products and review them is one of my favorite things. I’m contributing my 10+ years experiences in product reviewing for multiple digital brands and companies.