Does Fitbit Inspire, 2, HR, Flex, 2, Versa, 2, 3, Sense, Ionic Track Heart Rate?

Does Fitbit inspire, 2, hr, flex, 2, versa, 2, 3, sense, ionic track heart rate

Fitbit Inspire 2, Inspire HR, Versa, Versa 2, Versa 3, Sense, and Ionic will show the heart rate. But Fitbit Inspire, Flex, and Flex 2 don’t come with the PurePulse sensor that can read the heart rate. 

Can Fitbit Inspire Track Heart Rate?

The first smart watch that Fitbit introduced was the Inspire. It is still available in the market and comes with amazing features like tracker for health and fitness. Furthermore, you will get two color options for this product, which is why it is loved by many. 

Despite having a wonderful system for tracking fitness and health, the watch can’t track the heart rate. Being the first product from Fitbit, the watch has basic smart features where the heart rate tracking sensor is not present.

So, you will need to look for other variants from Fitbit. 

Can Fitbit Inspire 2 Track Heart Rate?

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a hybrid watch between Inspire and Inspire HR. It will definitely help you to track your heart rate and keep an eye on your heart’s health. 

But the technology used in monitoring the beats and pulses is not the same as of other variants from the manufacturer. In the Inspire 2, an optical sensor is used to measure the number of times your heart is beating per minute. 

It can also help you monitor the heart rate continuously throughout the day, even when you are sleeping. During working out, the spikes in your cardiac activity will be displayed on the screen. 

To be honest, this is one of the best variants from Fitbit as it will allow you to monitor the heart rate, track guided breathing, record the sudden spikes in heartbeat, and even display other metrics related to your fitness and health. 

Can Fitbit Inspire HR Track Heart Rate?

One of the major requirements of all the smart watches nowadays is the heart rate tracker. Since the previous variants did not have this particular feature, Fitbit has made sure to live up to the customer expectations in Inspire HR watch. 

Here, you will get the heart rate tracking feature so that you can constantly keep an eye on your health. Apart from this amazing feature, the Inspire HR also sports other benefits that will completely blow your mind. 

For instance, this particular model can track the total number of steps you have walked, the number of calories being burnt, how much have you slept and the sleep stages, tracking the guided breathing, and so on. 

With all these features, the Inspire HR will be an amazing wearable for health-conscious people like you. 

Can Fitbit Flex Track Heart Rate?

After Inspire series, Fitbit introduced the Flex series. This particular model is the first product in this series. Unlike its predecessors, this watch doesn’t have any screen. Rather five LEDs are there which will show your current progress in comparison to the set goals. 

This watch has several features like tracking your sleep, the number of times you woke up at night, the total steps you have covered, and so on. But as far as the heart rate tracking is concerned, the product won’t show any kind of result. 

If you still want to have this product, there is no harm in it. you can connect your mobile with this watch easily through wireless Bluetooth connection. 

Can Fitbit Flex 2 Track Heart Rate?

Fitbit Flex 2 is not like other smartwatches. It does not come with a screen. Rather, a series of LED lights are there which will glow in accordance with the desired functionality. For example, if you want to know the calories you have burnt, some dedicated LEDs will glow once you choose the mood. 

Coming to the main point, the Flex 2 cannot track the heart rate. It does not come with any sensor or technology that can read the number of times your heart is pumping out blood in a minute. 

This is one of the major disadvantages that this particular watch variant has which is why people involved in high-intensity exercise regime can’t really enjoy having the Fitbit Flex 2 watch. 

Can Fitbit Versa Track Heart Rate?

Versa is one of the best products introduced by Fitbit as of now. With a larger, square-shaped screen, you will have better visibility. Furthermore, its looks are amazing and can suit both formal and casual appearances. 

Fortunately, the Fitbit Verse can track heart rate easily with the help of continuous pulse tracking system. It will record the rate both when you are awake or in deep slumber. 

Besides, it can also show the spikes in your heart rate when you are exercising. Hence, having this watch will be a cherry on top of the cake. You can even see the heart rate constantly on the screen so that you can easily keep an eye on your cardiac health. 

In the resting mode, the heart monitor in Versa will help you to understand whether your heart is working properly or not. So, having this product will definitely help you stay healthy. 

Can Fitbit Versa 2 Track Heart Rate?

Yes, the Versa 2 from Fitbit can help in tracking the heart rate. It is reinforced with a special technology known as the Always-On that will continuously monitor the heart rate and display the records on the screen. 

One of the best things about this Versa 2 watch is that you can sync it with your phone and then track your overall health and fitness easily. If you cannot access the watch, just open the app on your phone and the current heart rate data will be displayed there. 

Furthermore, the watch will also show several other features related to heart health that are going to be extremely beneficial for you.

Can Fitbit Versa 3 Track Heart Rate?

The Versa 3 smartwatch from Fitbit is one of the advanced products from this brand till date. It will record and show the SpO2 level that will determine whether your blood is carrying enough oxygen to the tissues or not.

This will be an indirect indication about cardiac health. Apart from this, you can also understand the peak heart rate zones that fall within the Active Zone Minutes. Heart rate can also be tracked by the Versa 3 which will also help you in stress management system. 

Thanks to the guided breathing technology, you will be able to see how your heart rate is varying when you are stressed. With deep breathing, you can record the level of anxiety and stress easily. 

The Versa 3 will also delineate the time between the heart bears and the number of times the blood is pumped into the artery in a minute when you are resting, 

Can Fitbit Sense Track Heart Rate?

The Fitbit Sense smartwatch is perhaps the best smart watch you can get in the market. It is reinforced with two unique technologies- the EDA or electrodermal and the ECG and Echocardiogram. 

Both these technologies will help you monitor your heart rate properly, thereby ensuring that you can stay health and fit throughout the day. Besides the direct heart rate, the watch can also track breathing rate, SpO2 level, stress levels and others. 

For reading your heart rate, the watch uses the Pure Pulse 2.0 sensor. It is an advanced class of sensor which will deliver only the accurate results. Hence, you won’t have to worry anything. 

Since you will have the ECG tracker, make sure to activate the widget in your mobile app and track the heart rates to detect any abnormality. 

Can Fitbit Ionic Track Heart Rate?

The Fitbit Ionic watch is amazing in terms of its design. It reflects both the traditional and smart watches which is why having this product will be a good idea. 

It can track your heart rate 24X7 which will include tracking the rates during exercising, walking, resting, and sleeping. Once you integrate the mobile app with your watch, you can see more about the heart rate graph and understand whether any anomaly is there or not. 

How Does the Fitbit Watch Track the Heart Rate?

Fitbit has its own sensor technology, the PurePulse that will help in detecting your heart rate. In this sensor, there are green LEDs that will emit green radiation. 

These rays will be absorbed by your blood that will determine the blood’s amount flowing through the vein present in the wrist region. For example, when you are inhaling, your heart is pumping more blood which, in turn, will absorb more green light. 

As a result, the heart rate displayed will be more. The same thing will happen when the heart will pump blood in standard volume at times when you are resting. Since the readings are taken from light absorption, the PurePulse is known to be an optical sensor.

Is the Heart Rate Data Displayed by Fitbit Accurate?

No smart watch can ever provide you the accurate results. Hence, there will be slight deviations from the actual data. But these deviations aren’t in major scale which is why you won’t have to worry. Fitbit’s PurePulse technology do display the heart rates close to the actual value. 

However, there are certain cases where the data might fluctuate. For example: 

  1. When you are practicing high intensity interval workouts, the watch won’t be able to show the fast changes in heart rate. 
  2. Also, if you have worn the watch loosely, some portion of the green light emitted by the LEDs will diverge in the surroundings. This will obviously show wrong readings. 
  3. At the time of exercising, you must wear the watch above your wrist so that your movement of your wrist bone and palm won’t have any impact on the heart rate reading. 

Final Thoughts 

Fitbit is one of the best companies that has been manufacturing a wide range of smart health and fitness trackers. Their watches are amazing and work wonders. However, not every single product can track the heart rate. 

So, before you buy a product, do check whether it has the PurePulse sensor or not because without it, the heart rate data won’t be displayed. 

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