How Can Yoga Help Men In Their Fitness?


Yoga is gaining huge popularity throughout the world. Whatever the results come out, messages go across the world that yoga is effective in resolving all the health issues, men face now around the globe. However, yoga has spread a lot, men practice the same too in mass, but the end result is that there is no change in the misery of men. What is the reason for that? Is Yoga ineffective? Whatever is said about yoga – are they lying?

No, yoga is really effective for good health, but the fact is that words that are spread in the name of yoga are untrue about yoga itself. Now, whether the people who spread words about yoga are illiterate about yoga, or they are doing so intentionally – this is highly debatable. Nevertheless, there is no confusion when we say that the words you hear about Yoga are not what yoga is. Then, the question that triggers in your mind is – what yoga is? How you can practice actual yoga? How Yoga will help you in your fitness and limit your Fildena 100 mg from Powpills. So, let us answer your questions now.

What Yoga is

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning summing up. With whom did you sum up? You sum up with the truth of yours. You connect with your real me. The practice or set of practices followed to connect you to your real me is yoga. By listening this much, you can probably sense now that yoga is not about any physical exercises.

The practice of yoga has three parts in it – the practice of breathing, the practice of postures, and the practice of meditation. The practice of breathing is to generate self-control so that you can control yourself as you sense your real me. The physical postures will put you in such a position that will assist you in sensing the world around you and connect you with all of them. As you connect with all of them, you will sense that your real me is not your body alone. Rather, your real I is there in every object around you.

Depending on the object, where you search for your real I, the postures follow. In case you want to sense your “I” in snake, there is bhujangasana, where bhujanga is a Sanskrit word for reptiles, and asana means posture. Similarly, when you try to sense your “I” in a tree, there is brikshasana. Hence, the postures of yoga are not some fitness therapies. Rather they are exercises for your mind.

The final part of the yogic exercise is meditation. Unless you have control over your mind, unless you free your mind from your senses, which keeps you connected with your senses all the time, you cannot sense your real “I” at any point in time. Hence, there is a need for an exercise, where your mind will free its affiliation with the senses and you make yourself eligible for other yogic practices.

How to practice Yoga

By knowing the reality of yoga, your question is – is yoga really effective in making me fit and fine? The answer to your question is – yes, it is. Not only, it relax your body, but also it removes your brain’s stress and answers your mind about the real reason to remain alive and active in the world. After knowing this, if you still ask about how to practice yoga, then there is a three-step process.

At the initial stage, go through your breathing exercises only. Take a breath through one of your nostrils and release the air through the other one. After continuing this practice three times a day, and each time 10 times practices for one month, get to the advanced level of breathing exercises. There you need to breathe air fill your lungs, and hold it for a minute. Release it, follow normal breathing 5 times, and then exhale all your breath and hold yourself without breathing for a minute. Practice this once a day for two weeks.

Once you get accustomed to the pressure created by the process, follow this process thrice a day for two weeks. Once accustomed to it, start meditation after the same. In the process of meditation, you need to focus on any one of your senses and put all other senses on leave. If you succeed in the process, gradually you will find that the sense, you kept alert also starts going on a leave. Once you are able to attend that state, where you can sense nothing, continue doing that for a month.

After gaining control of your mind fully, start practising postures. There, you will take on any one posture, explore the name of the posture and identify whose instinct you must sense with the posture, as we stated above. After identifying, sit in the posture and meditate on the object of the yogic posture. Try out the same for 5 minutes a day maximum, and after completing the 5-minute program, lay down and practice sabasana, where you will again stop all sensations.

How yoga is effective for your health

As you practice yoga in its actual form, all the obstacles in your mind will float away, and you will become fully relaxed. Stress then will seem to be the most illogical activity of the entire world. Your metabolism and sleep will regularize on their own and your body and mind will find the relaxation, they have never sensed before. If you were taking Cenforce 200 mg or Vidalista 20 mg before, use of the same will naturally end and you will stay out of all disorders very soon.

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