How Small Business Dental Packages Can Boost Employee Satisfaction


Benefit packages are a great way to attract and retain employees. Dental coverage is essential for a healthy workforce and can boost productivity by decreasing lost work hours.

Insurance options include indemnity plans, a fee-for-service option that reimburses employees for visits to any dentist, or discount plans that offer low annual fees and access to a network of providers.

Reduced Stress

Aside from pay raises, employee benefits are among the top factors influencing job satisfaction. As a result, small business owners should ensure they are offering an attractive package that includes dental insurance. Adding this to your small business benefits package will help attract and retain top talent.

Studies have shown that employees needing dental insurance tend to miss more work. This is due to a range of issues, from distracting oral pain to missing the preventative treatments necessary to avoid more significant problems down the road. When your small business offers a quality dental plan, you must take the time to explain the value of this benefit.

Some small business employers choose to wrap their dental plans into their medical plans. However, this isn’t always the best choice. This can cause confusion and extra work because changes to the medical plan could impact the dental plan. By choosing a standalone, best-in-class dental plan provider, you can ensure your small business benefits don’t get disrupted.

Increased Confidence

The quality of employee benefits is one of the most critical factors in attracting and retaining top talent for any company. Studies show that workers rank having a comprehensive benefits package higher than a pay increase. But providing these benefits isn’t cheap, and small businesses have limited options for coverage.

The most affordable way to offer dental insurance is through a group dental savings plan. These plans allow employees to pay a low annual fee to access a network of dentists who agree to provide discounted services. Unlike traditional insurance, these plans aren’t tied to yearly limits, and claims can be paid out of pre-tax payroll deductions.

Providing dental benefits shows that a company cares about its employees. It’s an investment that helps attract and retain talented staff members while also helping to keep them healthy and productive at work. The cost of providing these benefits is far less than a loss of productivity, or absenteeism would cost the company. This makes the companies selling small business dental packages affordable, improving employee satisfaction and helping a practice grow its bottom line.

More Productivity

Dental care is a necessity for the health of your employees and business. Without it, your employees may miss work due to pain or other symptoms, resulting in lost productivity and higher costs for the company. A dental benefits package can prevent these problems by encouraging employees to visit the dentist regularly and catch dental issues before they become serious.

Offering a dental insurance plan shows that the company values employee well-being and can help attract top talent. It also demonstrates that the company is invested in its employees, which can boost morale and create a more robust culture. Additionally, dental insurance can lead to healthier employees who can perform at their best on the job.

In today’s competitive talent market, benefits packages are essential to attracting and keeping high-quality employees. And while offering health insurance is a staple, small businesses often overlook dental benefits.

Increased Retention

Employee retention is a critical factor in success for any business, especially in the dental practice world, where high turnover can be costly and reduce patient satisfaction. Offering competitive benefits packages can help your practice stand out in the job market and attract top talent. Including a dental insurance option is an excellent way to show employees that you value their well-being.

Employees with access to a dental benefit are two to three times more likely to visit the dentist regularly, which can help prevent health issues. This improved oral health can also positively impact overall well-being, boosting employee performance.

When employees feel cared for, they are more likely to want to stay with a company where they can see a future of continued growth and success. In addition to providing excellent dental coverage, your business can boost employee satisfaction by implementing other benefits like flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and opportunities for professional development.

While offering a full suite of benefits would be great, budget constraints may require you to prioritize certain benefits. Including essential benefits like health and dental insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off is an excellent place to start. Then, consider additional voluntary benefits that can be offered as add-ons to your core dental insurance plan, such as legal services, accident coverage, or supplemental life insurance.

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