How To Change Fitbit Charge, Charge 2, 3, 4, HR Band? (All Steps Explained)

How to change Fitbit charge, charge 2, 3, 4, HR band

Unlike the old days when you needed sophisticated equipment to measure things like blood pressure and oxygen levels, monitoring your health has become easy in the modern world. Wearable devices made one of the most important contributions to making health care accessible. A Fitbit is one such device that has transformed the way people view health and fitness.

However, its primary appeal is that you can wear it around your wrist. This makes it convenient to use. Fitbit bands come in various models and sizes. You can style yours in different ways to match your outfit or the occasion.

How to Change the Fitbit Charge, Charge 2, 3, 4, HR Band?

To change the band of Fitbit charge and HR models, you have to use a screwdriver and remove the main body from the device. On the other hand, the premise behind changing the Fitbit Charge 2, 3, and 4 bands remains the same. All you have to do is find the clasping mechanism and release the straps of your device from its grip. Then, you can replace these with new straps. However, the detailed steps vary from model to model.

How to Change the Fitbit Charge Band?

The Fitbit Charge band comes with the electronics built into it. Therefore, they were not designed to be used with different bands. However, the electronics are not permanently built in. So, you can take the following steps to change its band:

  1. Turn the device so that its back faces you. You will notice several screws.
  1. Remove all four screws. However, remember that there are 4 locks on the body of your device with 2 on each side. Do not damage these locks.
  1. Pinch the electronic system and remove it from the housing.
  1. Place the system in the new band and tighten the screws.

How to Change the Fitbit Charge 2 Band?

The band of the Fitbit Charge 2 comes in 3 sizes, namely small, large and extra-large. Further, the band can be replaced. The band is made of elastomer material. Hence, they will fit your wrist properly, provided you buy the right class of size. Here are a few steps you can take to change your band of Fitbit Charge 2:

  1. Place your Fitbit device on a flat surface and flip it over. You want to use a flat surface to ensure that you do not cause any damage to your Fitbit while changing the bands. Further, it will also make the entire process easier for you.
  1. You will see a system by which the body of your device clasps the straps together.
  1. You have to now click on the button that holds the straps in one place.
  1. While the button is open, you must remove one of the straps by sliding it upwards. You can repeat the same process with the second strap. 
  1. Once you have removed the old straps, you can insert the other straps inside the hooks. You should adjust them till you hear a clicking sound. The clicking sound confirms that the straps of your Fitbit Charge 2 are in the right position. If you find that the straps of your device are jammed, you can shake them back and forth gently. This will produce a small force and the straps will come out easily.

How to Change the Fitbit Charge 3 Band?

The Fitbit Charge 3 comes in different sizes to fit small and large wrists. However, if you are between sizes, then you can choose the bigger size and have it fitted later. Once you have decided on the size, here is how to change the band on your Fitbit Charge 3:

  1. Place your Fitbit Charge 3 on a comfortable and smooth surface. Then look at the bottom of the body of your device.
  1. You would find a small mechanism that holds both the straps of your device.
  1. All you have to do is to push the button of the mechanism. This will help you release the straps from its grip. However, before you can release it, you may have to move it around a little and lock it in the right way.
  1. You can remove both the straps one after the other.
  1. Once you remove them, you just need to slide the new straps in their place. You want to look for the sound which indicates that the straps have fit on the body properly.

How to Change the Fitbit Charge 4 Band?

The measurements of the Fitbit Charge 4 are similar to those of The Fitbit Charge 3. Further, the Fitbit Charge 4 has an attached small band. It also has an additional large band in the packaging. Here are the steps to changing the band on your device:

  1. Turn your device to reveal the locking mechanism.
  1. You will notice that the device has latches in place to hold the straps. It would also have a button on the band.
  1. You must push the button that you saw on the band of your Fitbit Charge 4
  1. Next, you should pull the strap from the body to remove it. You can repeat the same process on the other side.
  1. Once you have removed the old straps, you are ready to attach the new ones. To do so, you only have to push the straps into the tracker on both sides. You would hear a snapping sound, which means that your straps are now in place.

How to Change the Fitbit HR Band?

Changing the strap of the Fitbit HR Band is also complicated because the straps cannot be detached just by the press of a button. They do not use a clasping mechanism. That said, here are the steps you can take to change your Fitbit HR Band:

  1. Turn your Fitbit HR band over and place it on a flat surface.
  1. You will notice that there are several screws. You would have to remove these to change the band.
  1. To remove the screws, you must use a screwdriver of the matching size. You must use the screwdriver carefully, without applying too much pressure.
  1. Now you can pull the main part of the device out. Be careful to also remove the chip and place it in another band.
  1. When you place the tracker of your device in the new band, you have to use the screwdrivers to tighten the safety system.

Remember that you should do this process only if you have another compatible band to host the tracker. Also, you must try using this only if the original straps have been damaged.

Are All Fitbit Bands Interchangeable?

It depends. While some Fitbit Bands are made to be changed, that is, you can even use third-party bands with them, others cannot be swapped even with different models. They depend on various factors such as the clasping mechanism, the circumference, etc. For example, you can use the band of your Fitbit Charge 3 on your Fitbit Charge 4. On the other hand, you cannot use the bands on your Fitbit Charge 2 on Fitbit Versa. Thus, before attempting to change the bands, you should make sure whether or not they are compatible with each other.

Why Won’t Your Fitbit Band Snap-On?

If you change the bands on your device, you should ensure that they attach properly to the tracker. You will hear a clicking sound to confirm the same. However, if you do not hear the sound even after moving the band around, you might be dealing with two scenarios:

A problem with the band

This is a common issue, and it could be because your band has worn out at the edges. It could also be because your band is dirty. So, the first thing you should do is to gently clean your band. This will ensure that any dirt on the band that is preventing its attachment gets removed. If your band still does not fit, you might have a deeper issue with the band. In this situation, it is best to change or replace the band altogether.

A problem with the tracker

If changing the band does not do the trick, your track would most likely have a problem. It could be a problem with the clasping mechanism of your tracker. It could even be a problem in the design. Whatever the problem is, you would not be able to fix it yourself. You should take it to an expert instead.


For most Fitbits, changing their bands is not difficult. Hope you got some insight into changing the band of your device. That said, in case you face any confusion, you must refer back to the steps or consult an expert.

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