How To Change Fitbit Inspire, 2, HR, Fitbit Ace 2, Luxe, Flex, Alta, Alta HR Band?

How to change Fitbit INSPIRE, 2, HR, fitbit ACE 2, LUXE, FLEX, ALTA, ALTA HR Band


Changing the band on the Fitbit inspire, Fitbit inspires 2, HR, Fitbit Ace 2, Luxe, Flex, Alta, Alta HR band follow different processes. 

But these processes are easy to follow if you stay curious and calmly try to understand how to do it. The good thing is, you don’t have to be a PRO at activity tracker band changing to change the band on these activity trackers. 

Changing the band on any of these band series is quite easy, and we’ll show you how to do it, so you don’t have to buy a new Fitbit watch if the band gets faulty for any reason or if the band material is toxic to your skin type. 

You won’t need to give out the Fitbit watch. You’ll only need to change the band while you still enjoy your watch.  Ready? Set? Read!

How to Change Fitbit Inspire Band

Swapping the band on the Fitbit Inspire activity tracker watch is a tricky affair. Nevertheless, it’s easy to do. The reason is how the manufacturers attached the band to the case. They deployed a rather different technique that deployed small quick-release pins. But don’t worry, here’s how it’s done:


  • To remove the band, locate the quick release pins inside the band that holds the current band to the watch case. 
  • Once you locate the quick-release pins, use your fingertip to press down the lever of the quick-release pins. Then, simultaneously pull the band so that it detached from the case. You don’t need to forcefully pull the band away as it would naturally detach on a gentle pull, as long as you keep pressing down on the quick-release pins.


  • On the opposite side of the quick-release lever, locate a pin and then push the bottom of the pin into the bottom notch of the watch case.
  • Press down the quick-release lever, then press the pin into the top part of the watch. When you feel that it’s firmly attached, release the lever. Viola, you’ve changed the band of the Fitbit Inspire watch. If you need to change both bands, repeat the entire process for the second side of the watch. 

How to Change the Band on Fitbit Inspire 2?

The first thing that crosses your mind is whether or not the process for changing the band on Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire 2 are similar. Well, they are quite similar. 


  • Start with pressing down the quick-release lever on the band that’s attached to the watch case. 
  • Then, the top-notch of the band would pop out of the watch case to show that it has been detached.
  • Gently pull the bottom pin of the band out of the bottom of the watch case so you can detach the band.


  • Push the pin at the bottom of the band into the bottom of the watch case.
  • Then, press down the lever and insert the top part of the lever into the watch case. 
  • Release the lever to attach the band to the watch case firmly, and you’re good to go. As you have noticed, there’s no difference between changing the band on the Fitbit Inspire watch and the Fitbit Inspire 2. Although the inspire 2 is an upgrade from inspire 1, the band design is still the same. 

How to Change the Band on Fitbit Inspire HR?

Changing the strap or band on the Fitbit inspire HR is similar to changing the band on every Fitbit model watch. However, you’d be required to make slight changes in the fixing process based on the change of band that you got for the watch case. 


  • The watch holds the band into the watch case with a quick-release pin. Press down the lever, then push the pin to the middle. The strap would detach from the watch case at the top immediately.
  • Pull out the band from the bottom of the watch case to completely detach the band. 


  • Check the new band you just ordered for pins with the lever. Push the pin with lever into the part of the band that attaches itself to the watch case. 
  • Push the bottom of the band with the pin sticking out into the watch case into the bottom of the watch case. 
  • Once it enters, please press down the lever till it moves to the middle. 
  • Then, push the top part of the strap into the watch case and release it.

If you have to change the second band, repeat the entire process. That’s how you change the band of your Fitbit Inspire HR watch. 

How to Change Fitbit Ace 2 Band?

The Fitbit Ace 2 activity watch is for kids. As a result, changing the band on this watch is not difficult. You don’t have to deal with quick-release pins and other types of pins to replace them. 


  • The watch usually comes with an opening. Locate the flexible opening. 
  • Push the watch through the opening and watch the opening expand, releasing the watch case in the process. 


  • The replacement process is similar to the removal process
  • While holding the band, push the watch case into the flexible opening. 
  • Push it further in till it settles in properly. 

How to Change Fitbit Luxe Band?

The Fitbit Luxe uses a band technique different from the previous Fitbit watches that we’ve addressed. This technique is a lot easier to pull off. And you can replace your Fitbit Luxe band in a simple two-step process. 


  • Flip the watch over to reveal the band mechanism. You’ll see two levers on either side of the watch case. Press the lever down, and move it up. 
  • After moving the lever up, you’ll hear a click sound that means you can pull out the band. 
  • Pull out the band.


  • Hold the replacement band at the right angle.
  • Push it into the lever until you hear a snap sound.
  • Gently pull at the band to see if it’s firm.

How to Change Fitbit Flex Band

The Fitbit Flex Band is another fitness activity tracker from Fitbit. It comes with diverse wristbands in small and big sizes. So it’s left to you to decide if you want to rock your Fitbit flex watch with a small or big band. When you decide that, you can easily change the band following the easy steps highlighted below. 


  • Locate the slit at the back of the band
  • Expand the slit by bending the band so that you can push the tracker out of the band easily. 


The Fitbit flex is very dynamic, with different cases and band designs to fit it. You can get a jewelry bangle to house the watch case itself. The band you choose to replace the old band with requires a different replacement technique.

If you use another band;

  • Align the diamond-looking shape at the bottom of the tracker with a similar symbol at the bottom of the band.
  • Push the tracker inside.

If you choose to use a bracelet;

  • Open the clasp on the bracelet to open the cage.
  • Place the tracker into the cage, ensure the light faces outwards
  • Then close the cage. When you hear a click sound, you’ve successfully closed the bracelet.

If you’re using a pendant;

  • Open the cage by pulling on the clasp.
  • Put the in the pendant, ensure the light faces outward.
  • Then, close the cage. 

This method is great for Flex 2 watches. 

How to Change Fitbit Alta Band

Changing the band on Fitbit Alta seems to be the easiest out of all the Fitbit watches. You have the chance to replace the band with either a leather band or a metallic one. 


  • Flip the watch over
  • You’ll see two metallic prongs that attached the band to the watch. 
  • Press down the metallic prongs with a finger and gently drag the band out of the hold.
  • Repeat it for the other band.


  • Press down the prong on the other band
  • Then, push the watch into the prong.
  • Release once the band firmly holds onto the watch. 
  • Repeat it for the second hand of the band. 

How to Change Fitbit Alta HR Band

Replacing the band on the Alta HR is no different from the Alta band. They follow a similar process. But we’ll recap the process here.


  • Flip over the watch to find the two metallic prongs that hold the band to the watch. 
  • Push it down
  • Gently pull the band away from the watch.
  • Do the same thing for the other band.


  • With both the band and the watch flipped over, connect the watch with the band.
  • Push the metallic ends on both the band and the watch towards each other until they firmly hold on to each other.
  • Then, pull a bit to know that it’s well held in place.


If you notice, some of the processes of changing the Fitbit band on different models are similar and very easy to pull off. 

It’s to ensure that you can personalize your Fitbit watch via the wristband to express your individuality. It is also a great idea if the band that came with the watch reacts badly to your skin.

You can easily order a brand that’s safe for your skin type, making your experience with the Fitbit watch a great one. 

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