How to Charge FitBit Charge 2, 3, 4, 5, without a charger?

How to Charge FitBit Charge 2, 3, 4, 5, without a charger

Undoubtedly, FitBit is one of the best devices when it comes to wearing fitness trackers. These devices are easy to use and give you a convenient way to look modern. However, the charger can cause trouble sometimes if it’s not charged. 

If that is your case, you have landed on the right page. This article will discuss how to charge FitBit charge without a charger. So, stay tuned with this post till the end and unlock the exciting methods to charge FitBit. 

Before jumping on the details, the first one should know what charging sources you can use and whether it is possible to charge FitBit easily without a charger. 

Can you charge FitBit without charger?

However, FitBit charges for longer hours once it charges. While some can last a day, it depends on how long you have charged and how you use it. So, what should you do if you have no charger? Indeed you might search for a friend’s charger that can help you, or you look for an alternative. 

Well, you will be glad to know charging FitBit can be charged without a charger with three different modes. Let us find out!

What are the different charges alternatives?

  1. USB Ports

One of the major causes one can face with a Fitness tracker is out of battery. If that’s your case, then use your desktop or USP port to charge your FitBit tracker. Yes, you can use it as an effective solution to fix the low battery issues. 

You can use any USB charger or plug any cable with a USB to charge your tracker without worry. It doesn’t charge your tracker so fast, but it might help you save time. 

If the USB port is not working, then reset the tracker to charge the Fitbit properly. However, the process may vary and depends on the device you have. 

  1. Remove the FitBit Tracker

Some FitBit models are often charged when it is removed from Wristband or from the clip you get charged. Now, the question arises of how one should remove the band. It mainly depends on the model you are using. So, once you remove the band from the wrist, search for the sources to charge it and plugin. 

You can even search for Google to charge it efficiently. When the plug-in is completed with a computer USB wall charger, keep note, charging cable is different from the sync cable, so the charging cable will not sync data from the FitBit to your PC. 

Now check whether your battery level is charging or not. However, the different modes of charging indicate the different ways to charge your phone. 

  1. Try replaceable battery

Sometimes, it is impossible to have everything around us, such as a USB port and desktop. At that time, a replaceable battery is a good option. Now, note that only some FitBit models use replaceable batteries. To ensure your model is well-supported to replace the battery or not. 

You can use a 3V CR2025 coin battery as one of the best options to replace the battery. It is available in almost every shop. So, once you purchase the battery, you need to follow the given steps.

  • Replace the battery with a new battery.
  • Ensure you have inserted the new battery in the right direction
  • Lock the battery and sync it with the device to track your fitness goals

Let’s dive into how we can charge FitBit different models without a charger.

How to Charge FitBit Charge 3 without charger?

Here’s how you can do it with a USB charger

  1. To charge your tracker, insert the charging cable into the USB tracker.
  2. Connect the USB port with the charger and ensure pins are aligned.
  3. When you see a pop-up, it indicates the previous battery charge up range. 
  4. Keep it charging
  5. The charging level depends on the charging you need.
  6. Approx. 2 hours are enough. 

How to charge FitBit Charge 3 without charger? 

If you want to charge FitBit, charge two without a charger, so here is a step-by-step guide you need to follow.

  1. To charge up the FitBit battery, first, you need to connect your watch with a charging cable where one side should be the cradle, and the other side should be USB type A. 
  2. Next, line up the electric charging pins from both the watch and charging clip or cradle. Here, you have to check the charging cable and ensure that one side is open and the other is closed. Then place your watch inductive button to open the side. 
  3. After then watch the cradle and ensure charging is running on the right way. 
  4. Then jump to the other side of the charger, which is open and connect it to the other power source to sort the issues.
  5. Connect your cable with a USB port or use a power bank or other wireless mediums to charge the battery. 

How to charge FitBit Charge 4 without charger?

If you are using Fitbit charge four and about to die, follow the given steps to resolve the issue. 

Try USB port

  • Please take out the included cable in the FitBit and plug it into the USB wall charger.
  • This will charge your FitBit as much as faster.

Clean the charging contacts

The FitBit Charging contacts might cause issues, so clean it and charge FitBit efficiently.

  • To clean charging contacts, first, you need to rub some alcohol with a cotton swab. You can either use your thumb to make it done.
  • Now examine the contacts and sip the alcohol cotton swap to rub the contacts.
  • If alcohol cotton swap doesn’t work, then thumbtack can help you make the contacts clean and clear.
  • Also, examine the charging cable to see if it is cleaned or not.

How to Charge FitBit Charge 5 without charger?

Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Connect your watch to a charging cable with a USB port. Ensure you are using a wall USB charger for fast and secure charging. However, desktop USB takes time to charge up. 
  2. Connect USB wire to charge the FitBit and leave it for hours. 
  3. After that, keep an eye on the Fitbit to ensure charging is proceeding properly.
  4. If your USB is not working, use a power bank or other wireless charging sources to ensure the proper charge.
  5. Another alternative is to clear the charging contacts and ensure a greater charging level.

How to charge FitBit Versa without Charger?

For Fitbit Versa, try the cradle to charge up the FitBit. 

  • Most companies provide a cradle to charge up the FitBit. While using it, ensure electric cords and cradle matches up when you put the watch into the charger. 
  • Once your watch is placed in the cradle, you need to connect it with wall power. You can take the help of any USB for this as well. 
  • When you look out the charging process is working well, press the cradle’s downsides where finger holes are there. 

How to charge FitBit Iconic and FitBit Inspire HR?

Whether you want to charge Fitbit Iconic and FitBit HR, you need a USB to charge up your tracker.

  • While accessing the USB port, ensure your USB has a feature to charge FitBit.
  • Once checked, connect the USB port with the FitBit tracker port and turn on the power source.
  • Keep your eyes on the charger, ensure everything is working properly. 

What is the FitBit charging issues?

These are the FitBit tantrums that might causes you issues. 

  • If the charging cable is from the duplicate or another company
  • If the device port is not working properly
  • Drop out of charging pins
  • Dirty charging pins and contacts
  • Tracker is wet
  • Using a faulty USB may affect the quality of the tracker
  • You haven’t used charging cables for long

What are some best ways to avoid charging issues?

Here are some easy and modest ways to resolve the charging issues without any fault. 

  • Keep your device always clean and fresh
  • Try to maintain its dryness and make the watch clean properly
  • You can use a USB wall charger instead of a desktop charger
  • Always connect your device securely before starting to switch the power source.
  • Always use the FitBit charging cable from the same company
  • Do not leave your watch to charge for longer hours

Easy steps to maintain the charging port for a long time

If you are using a charging port frequently in a day, it mists to care about its port and maintain its flexibility for a long time. Here’s how you can do this.

  • First, gather some material to clean the dirt to maintain the port, such as cotton swabs, toothbrushes, or toothpick. 
  • Do not use water to clean; it will harm your device.
  • Now, dip the toothbrush in the alcohol and rub the cotton swab into the electrical gold dots to prevent all the dirt and debris. 
  • Dry the sorts for hours to make it in use efficiently. 

The Bottom Line

As per the FitBit Company, you use the USB port, or other alternatives are unsafe to charge FitBit devices. However, in case of emergency, if you are doing this so maintaining, its charging ports are essential. 

Despite that, we recommend you use the same charger of FitBit to avoid any issues instead of looking out for hacks. Good Luck!

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