How to Pair Fitbit Charge 2, 3, 4, 5, hr with iPhone 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, XR?

How to pair Fitbit charge 2, 3, 4, 5, hr with iPhone 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, XR

If you have the Fitbit app installed on your iPhone, turn on the Bluetooth button and see the magic. For different Fitbit charges 2, 3, 4, 5, there are different setup protocols. In this article, we will analyze the methods in detail. Meanwhile, you can take the time to plug the charger into the USB port to get a full charge. 

How to Pair Fitbit Charge 2 with iPhone 6?

Have you already paired Charge 2 with other devices? Then, there is no need to pair Charge 2 with another device. If you log in to your account, Charge 2 will automatically be synced with the device. However, in some cases, users face trouble pairing their devices. 

In that case, you need to follow certain disciplines to troubleshoot the issues. First of all, you need to make sure the latest version is installed on your phone. Then ensure the software on your iPhone is upgraded properly. 

If not, then go to Settings and browse General and tap on Software Update. In the next step, you need to make sure any unknown Bluetooth device not interrupting in syncing. 

Before you start the process, you have to agree on the terms and conditions. Then you will be given an option to pair and enter the four-digit password from Fitbit. 

How to Pair Fitbit Charge 2 with iPhone 7?

To pair Fitbit Charge 2, first of all, you need to open the Bluetooth setting from your iPhone7. Then make sure you have an adequate WiFi signal. If you have nearby Bluetooth devices, you might face a few problems connecting your device. 

In the next step, restart the Charge 2, then plug the device in to make sure the device is charging. 

For the last time, restart your phone one more time. Now, it’s time to set up the tracker just like a new device. To initiate the process, you need to follow the list of steps. 

Go to the Bluetooth setting option from your phone and find the tracker on the list. You will find a list of devices paired with your phone. From the list, choose your Fitbit device and tap on Forget option. The drill is to first disconnect the device and then pair again. 

Then, you have to open the Fitbit application and click on the account symbol just at the right corner of your screen. Find the option to ‘Set up a new device’. Then, choose the right tracker and follow the instruction given there and click on continue. 

How to Pair Fitbit Charge 3 with iPhone 6?

It’s very simple to pair Fitbit charge 3 with iPhone 6. Just like the previous options, you have to make sure there is no other device connected to the interface. Otherwise, it will interrupt the process of syncing. In the next step, one needs to make sure the battery of the device should be on a moderate level. 

In order to sync the device, you need to follow certain steps. First of all, without further delay, you have first to quit the Fitbit application. Then go to the Bluetooth option from settings and toggle on the button. 

Then open the Fitbit application. Restart the device one more time, then sync it with your iPhone7. If the problem persists after logging off the application quite a few times, you have to sync the device from the very first. Check the lists of connected devices and click on the ‘forget’ button. 

This way, you have to repeat the entire process over again. 

How to Pair Fitbit Charge 3 with iPhone 7?

Have you attempted turning off and reinstalling the Fitbit application? You have to open Fitbit go from the settings. Open Charge 3 and browse through add device option and turn on Fitbit.

If you are unable to search your device, go to the settings option and find the lists of paired devices. From the list, select your Fitbit device and click on forget option. This step will help the users to pair the device from the initial stage.

So, to initiate the process from the very beginning, you can start by searching the application. After selecting your device, start syncing the two devices.

How to Set Up Fitbit Charge HR with iPhone 6s?

Among the thousands of fitness wearable devices, Fitbit and Charge HR are recognized among the best. Moreover, they are perfectly compatible with Apple products. If you want to set up Fitbit Charge HR, you don’t have to attempt many hurdles.

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily set up the system by following the simple steps. 

Process to set up Fitbit Application

To begin with, you have to first download the Fitbit application from the Apple application store. It takes a few moments to install the application on your phone.

Then you have to move on to the next stage. Here, you have to create the new Fitbit account or log in to your pre-existed account. This way, you will start your first journey with Fitbit.

Once you are done with the installation, you have to move on to the next activities. Look, if you are an existing customer, you will be able to find your previous activities in your account. Then, you need to select the notification option to receive regular activity notifications.

In case you want to add charge HR, you got to select the account at the end of the application and go to the setup device option.

Then, you will be given an option to track activity from there; select Charge HR. Then, you have to select the setup menu, and by accepting the terms and conditions, you have to move to the next step.

In this step, you will find the Fitbit application will highlight the accessories. For example Charging cable, Charge HR Wristband or Wireless Sync Dongle. The application will automatically search the Charge HR and ask permission to input the code on the Fitbit.

How do I pair Fitbit Charge 2 with iPhone 11?

If you don’t have the latest version of the Fitbit application, you will get stuck in the process. Therefore, before beginning with the process, you need first to install the latest version of the Fitbit application on your mobile.

Similarly, the software of the mobile has to be up to date. If you are not sure about the version yet, please check it on your device. First, click on the Settings option, then go to General and Find the option Software Update.

It would help if you made sure there were no Bluetooth devices nearby. It might interrupt the syncing process. The battery of your Fitbit device should be moderate.

In a few cases, you might face difficulties syncing the devices. In that case, you can try out the following steps:

First of all, click on quit the Fitbit application. Then go to the settings and Bluetooth. You have to turn on the Bluetooth settings.

Then, restart your phone and open the Fitbit application. If you are still unable to pair the devices restart the device.

Then remove all the devices and start the process all over again.

How to Pair Fitbit Charge 5 with iPhone 12?

Do you know Fitbit and Apple Health can actually work together? However, using a third-party application, you can easily pair the applications. Just like the previous setting system, you can follow the same ritual to connect Fitbit Charge 5 with iPhone 12.

However, with using a third-party application, the process is going to be smoother. In that case, from the application store, you have to download Sync solver and let it install on your device.

Then you have to open the synch solver application and click on the sync now button. Then, you will find the message ‘Continue’. Click on that and turn on all the categories. Then, the application will automatically be guided through

Here, you will be logging in to your account and asking for permission. Once you enter the allow button, your phone will automatically open the application.

Now, the Fitbit application will sync with application itself. Now, you have to sync the Fitbit with the Sync Solver application.

Which Devices Can I Use with the Fitbit Watch and Tracker?

In order to take all the advantages offered by Fitbit Device, you should install the Fitbit application first. However, it is imperative to install the application on a compatible phone and tablet. The best part is Fitbit application is compatible with all phones and tablets.

Fitbit is expanding its capacity to synch more devices in the list. Apart from iPhone and iPad, it is also compatible with Windows 10 on computers.

You can also pair the device with Mac and Windows 8.1 to take all the advantages and features of Fitbit.

How to Sync My Device with the Fitbit Application?

The best part of the Fitbit device is all the data automatically gets synced with the Fitbit application. Most of the users prefer to sync the devices all day.

However, it is better to turn off the syncing all day and sync once a day to restore the data. Every time when the users open the Fitbit application, the device gets synced automatically when the device is nearby.

Users can also allow the sync now option to update the data every now and then. Apart from the regular syncing option, there is also a choice of syncing the devices manually.


This third-party integration method generally works for all the models of Fitbit. Even it is typically helpful for other healthcare syncing devices as well. However, syncing a Fitbit application is totally different from pairing it with your iPhone.

I have witnessed many cases where users get confused and end up failing pairing with their devices. If you want to pair these two devices, you have to find the ‘Set up a Device’ option.

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