How to Restart Fitbit Inspire, 2, hr, Alta, 2, hr, Flex, 2, Ace, 2, 3?


Don’t you just hate it when your Fitbit device becomes a headache instead of a problem solver it was meant to be? No doubt about it. You own a Fitbit device because you so desire to keep fit and track your activities. Fitbit is worth considering because it offers many features with great performances.

Talking about one of the best friendly fitness trackers, Fitbit has made a name for itself. But because the fitness tracker device is made of elastomer materials, it can experience electrical or mechanical issues at any point in time. 

One of those issues is when your Fitbit device suddenly stops working. There’s a need to restart your Fitbit device when it suddenly stops working or cannot connect to smartphones. This is your go-to guide in how to restart Fitbit inspire, 2, hr, Alta, 2, hr, flex, 2, ace, 2, 3.

Whatever the problem is with your Fitbit device: no notification, display issue, Fitbit charge band problems, etc., the first thing to do is restart your Fitbit. See how to restart Fitbit below.

How to Restart Fitbit Inspire?

The Fitbit Inspire is a money saved Fitbit device that is efficient for tracking the menstrual cycle, calorie burn, and other activities. Although, the Fitbit Inspire does not track heart rate like the Fitbit Inspire hr and also does not come with an in-built GPS. 

The Fitbit Inspire can be worn as a clip; thus, it’s highly flexible. However, the Fitbit Inspire can stop working suddenly and prevent you from accessing all of its features. To restart a Fitbit Inspire, follow the given steps below.

Turn on your Fitbit Inspire: Start by turning off your Fitbit Inspire, then turn it on by pressing the button on your device.

Open the settings feature: Next is to open the Settings app on your Fitbit Inspire. Locate the clear user data icon and select OK. Press the screen for a few seconds after you’ve initiated the clear user data process. 

Allow Fitbit Inspire to vibrate: Your Fitbit Inspire will vibrate to indicate a restarting process. When this is done, you will see the clock displayed on the tracker’s screen. That’s how ridiculously easy it is to restart Fitbit Inspire.

How to Restart Fitbit Inspire 2?

Sometimes, you need to restart Fitbit Inspire 2 to bypass the screen lock on the Fitbit Inspire 2 device. A restore default and data wipe also require that you restart the Fitbit Inspire 2. In fact, most Fitbit Inspire 2 issues troubleshooting start with restarting the Fitbit Inspire 2 device.

And basically, you can hard restart or soft restart the Fitbit Inspire 2 device. The troubleshooting steps to restart Fitbit Inspire 2 are given below.

Switch on the Fitbit Inspire 2 device: Press the power button on the Fitbit Inspire 2 to turn the device on.

Open the settings option: Locate the setting option and click to access the setting page. Then, scroll down to find the about icon. Click on the about icon and select the factory reset option. Click on the reset in the Fitbit option displayed on the reset window.

Restart the Fitbit Inspire 2: The data on the Fitbit Inspire 2 will be completely erased to restore the device factory settings to default. 

How to Restart Fitbit Inspire hr?

Restarting Fitbit Inspire hr can make your Fitbit Inspire hr device almost brand-new and free of old data’s. You can also restart Fitbit Inspire hr to bypass a screen lock. And the good news is that you can restart Inspire hr with a hard reset using the  Android keys.

Let’s jump right in and see how to restart Fitbit Inspire hr.

Turn on your Fitbit Inspire hr: The first thing to do when restarting your Fitbit Inspire hr is to turn on the Fitbit Inspire hr device by pressing the power button on the device. 

Find the settings app; Scroll down till you find the settings app. Open the settings icon and go to the clear user data icon. 

Press the screen: Press the screen for 3 seconds and wait for the Fitbit Inspire hr device to vibrate. Boom! You’ve successfully restarted your Fitbit Inspire hr device. 

Another alternative to restarting your Fitbit Inspire hr is to connect the charging cable to any USB port and allow the pins on the charging cable to connect securely to the USB port. Press the Fitbit Inspire hr power button for 5 seconds until it vibrates and shows a smile icon.

How to Restart the Fitbit Alta?

First, a Fitbit Alta differs greatly from the Fitbit Inspire, in how it works and its restarting procedures. A Fitbit Alta cannot be reset to factory settings but can be restarted to work properly. 

Restarting a Fitbit Alta is safe because the device is unable to wipe data completely. And most importantly, the Fitbit Alta requires an official Fitbit charger to restart. Here’s how to restart the Fitbit Alta to function properly.

Plug in the Fitbit charger: Plug in the Fitbit Alta charger to the Fitbit Alta device and check to confirm that it is charging.

Turn on the Fitbit Alta device: Proceed to press the power button on the Fitbit Alta 3 times and ensure a 2-seconds pause in between the 3 presses.

Unplug the charger: Disconnect the Fitbit Alta charger from the Fitbit Alta device once the Fitbit logo comes on the device screen with a gentle vibration. It sounds simple, and it is. 

How to Restart Fitbit Alta 2?

The best way to restart Fitbit Alta 2 is via the device charging cable. We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to restart Fitbit Alta 2. Check the Step-by-step guide below.

Connect the Fitbit Alta 2 charging cable: All you need to do to connect the Fitbit Alta 2 charging cable is to squeeze the two clamps and affix them to the back of the tracker. 

Plugin the Fitbit Alta 2 charger: Next is to plug in the Fitbit Alta 2 charger to a USB port. Then, press the power button on the tracker for a few seconds until the logo comes up on the screen with a vibration. Once you’ve taped this part, congratulations, because you have successfully restarted your Fitbit Alta 2 device.

How to restart Fitbit Alta hr? 

If your Fitbit Alta hr is not displaying properly, or having pairing problems or running slowly, the best solution is to restart the Fitbit Alta hr.

 But note that you cannot factory reset a Fitbit Alta hr, instead you can remove a device from the Fitbit Alta hr web interface by selecting the trash can icon and click remove. 

So, let’s get started on how to restart the Fitbit Alta hr.

Charge the Fitbit Alta hr with a Fitbit charger and find the power button on the device. Press the power button thrice with about 2-seconds pause in-between the presses. Allow the Fitbit logo to come on the display and disconnect the Fitbit charger.

How to Restart Fitbit Flex?

Some of the problems that call for restarting a Fitbit Flex include Fitbit Flex not turning on, Fitbit Flex not tracking, Fitbit Flex not syncing, and Fitbit Flex not responding. And the good news is that restarting the Fitbit Flex can solve all these problems.

Check out how to restart Fitbit Flex without sweating it out.

Connect the charging cable to any USB port and plug your Fitbit Flex device into the cable. Insert a paperclip into the pinhole at the back of the charging cable. Hold down the paperclip for a few seconds and disconnect the Fitbit Flex from the cable.

A flashing LED light will follow suit to indicate that the Fitbit Flex has been successfully restarted.

How to Restart Fitbit Flex 2?

Restarting the Fitbit Flex 2 will help you to fix any underlying issues you might have with the watch. Start by connecting the tracker to the charging cable and connect the cable to your computer. 

Find the round power button at the end of the cable. Press the power button 3 times with each press having an 8-seconds hold. Once the Fitbit logo comes on the screen, you have completed the Fitbit Flex 2 restarting process.

How to Restart Fitbit Ace?

You will cause more harm to the Fitbit Ace if you insert items like pins, and paper clips to restart the Fitbit Ace device. Use this factory reset instruction to restart your Fitbit Ace device. 

Plug the charging cable to your computer and clip the other ends of the charging cable to the port on the Fitbit Ace. The Fitbit Ace will vibrate and show a battery icon to indicate successful charging. Then, proceed to press the power button on the cave 3 times to restart the Fitbit Ace. 

The Fitbit Ace will vibrate and display the Fitbit logo when the restarting is successful. Unplug the charging cable from the Fitbit Ace. 

How to Restart Fitbit Ace 2?

Some of the issues that call for restarting a Fitbit Ace 2 includes, Fitbit Ace 2 not turning on after charging, Fitbit Ace 2 can’t completely sync, Fitbit Ace 2 slow performance, Fitbit Ace 2 not responding, Fitbit Ace 2 connection not working, Fitbit Ace 2 not tracking performance, and Fitbit Ace 2 app stuck in looking for the device.

But there’s solution. A simple restart can fix these issues and help your Fitbit Ace 2 function properly.

To restart a Fitbit Ace 2, connect the device to a cable connected to a USB port. Open the Settings app on the device and locate the clear user data icon. Select the clear user data and press the screen for 3 seconds. Release the screen immediately. 

How to Restart Fitbit Ace 3?

For the Fitbit Ace 3 restart, you need to connect the tracker to a cable connected to a USB port. Then, press and hold the right and the left power button together and at the same time. Hold the two buttons for a few seconds till the smiley face comes up on the screen. Release the button immediately and you are done restarting the Fitbit Ace 3 device.


So many issues can cause the Fitbit device to malfunction. And to make your spending on the Fitbit device worth it, the Fitbit device should carry out its tracking operations effectively and at the right time. A simple restart can put the Fitbit device back on track if it is experiencing any electrical issue. We have made it simple for you.

There are different Fitbit models in the market, and while they have different features and functions, they have different methods for restarting in the face of problems. We have provided proper guidance on how to restart the Fitbit inspire, 2, hr, Alta, 2, hr, flex, 2, ace, 2, 3. 

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