Is It Safe to Wear a Smartwatch to Bed?


Since the inception of computers, the world has experienced varying modern technologies and innovations which constantly get upgraded from time to time. And a smartwatch is one of those technologies which has recently evolved from the usual time-telling watches into a wearable technology/ computer worn on the wrist.

The Smartwatch is connected to a smartphone app that manages and controls the device to tell time, date and performs other functions, including playing music, fitness tracking, receiving calls, and message notifications.

The best part about modern-day smartwatches is their Innovative designs and independence. Some smartwatches do not need to be connected to a smartphone to operate.

Smartwatches have an array of functions that are similar to a smartphone. It makes sense to mention some of the functions you will get from a typical smartwatch.

A smartwatch provides a digital time-telling feature, a music function, phone calls, messages notifications, calculating functions, pedometers, games, social media notifications and news, sleep and fitness tracker, and fashion sense. 

But whether it is safe to wear a smartwatch to bed arose is a controversial issue owing to the clock face size and weight of a smartwatch. So, keep reading to find out if it is safe to wear a smartwatch to bed.

Is it ok to Wear a Smartwatch While Sleeping?

A Smartwatch is a trusted health and fitness tracker while sleeping. The device tracks movements with an in-built accelerator by monitoring your sleep and serves as a useful guide in sleep patterns. 

There are health concerns from smartwatch users following the use of smartwatches while sleeping. Probably, because smartwatches emit some radiation. However, the Smartwatch only emits a significant amount of radiation and is not considered dangerous to human health.

The best part when wearing a smartwatch to bed is that the amount of radiation emitted is lowered when Bluetooth and WiFi are turned off.

So for people looking to track their sleep time, sleep pattern, and other health statistics, wearing a smartwatch while sleeping may be a good choice. As long as you are comfortable wearing a smartwatch to bed to track your sleep activities, you’re welcome to use a smartwatch while sleeping.

You can decide to place your Smartwatch near your bed space and not on the wrist. Whichever place you decide to place your Smartwatch while sleeping, it will measure your sleep. Although deep sleep monitoring is possible when the Smartwatch is worn on the wrist while sleeping.

Should I Sleep with My Galaxy Watch?

As mentioned earlier, the Smartwatch is an ever-changing modern-day technology, and the Galaxy Watch is a perfect example. The Galaxy Watch is a fitness and health device that recognizes the 39 different kinds of exercises people usually engage in.

Also, the Galaxy Watch measures essential statistics like heart rate, stress, breathing level, calories burned, sleep tracking, the maximum speed attained, distance covered, and many more.

The Galaxy Watch has a goodnight mode, a theater mode, and a do not disturb mode, which allows you to have a quiet and quality sleep time when wearing the Smartwatch to bed. The Galaxy Watch can also track your sleep time without causing any underlying damage to your health.

You don’t have to worry about battery life when wearing your Galaxy Watch to bed. The Galaxy Watch has a more powerful battery feature that’s enough to sustain itself throughout your sleep time. So the good news is that you can sleep with your Galaxy watch on your wrist.  

Is it Safe to Wear a Fitness Band while Sleeping? 

Because a fitness band is usually connected to a smartphone app through Bluetooth, most people tend to be scared to wear a fitness band while sleeping. A fitness band uses sensors to monitor the activities of the wearer and can discover motion activities like walking, running, swimming, and even the heart rate.

There’s also an activity alarm in a fitness band that reminds you about a fitness practice like the time to drink water, the notification of a completed step or running distance, and many more. 

The fitness band keeps track of exercises progress and calorie intake, which are most likely done during the awake. But that does not stop you from wearing a fitness band to bed at night because a fitness band can also track quality sleep, sleep time, alarm, and even the heart rate. 

Set your fitness band to sleeping mode to track your sleep time when sleeping to get the best result.

So far, there are no health complaints from sleeping with a fitness band at night. Although some folks do not find wearing a fitness band to bed comfortable due to the firm grip of the Smartwatch around their wrist.

 Is it Safe to Wear an Apple Watch while Sleeping?

The Apple watch comes in different styles and models to suit the taste of the different kinds of personalities. The Apple smartwatch could pose health risks when worn to bed because of the radiation it emits.

Regardless, the Apple smartwatch has an anti-radiation accessory that protects you from the harmful radiation emitted, so it’s safe to say that wearing an Apple watch while sleeping would cause no hazard. 

Also, the strap of an apple watch can influence if you will find sleeping with the Apple watch at night comfortable or not. What this means is this. If the strap of an Apple watch is made with comfortable materials that are gentle against your skin, you will find sleeping with the Apple Watch on your wrist comfortable.

The Apple Watch has a Theatre mode that enhances sleep quality by turning off the screen of the watch to prevent screen lights from interrupting your sleep.

Should I Turn Off My Smartwatch All Night?

First, you must understand that a smartwatch is a devised technology that works around the clock. Yes, a smartwatch does not stop working at any point in time except for technical issues. 

And one of the functions of a smartwatch includes tracking your sleep at night. Over the years, the smartwatch sleep tracker has been considered safe and reliable. The sensors allow a smartwatch to track heartbeat and motion detection while sleeping.

When not in use, a Smartwatch should be turned off to preserve the battery. You can charge a smartwatch overnight to preserve the battery instead of wearing it to bed to track your sleep activities.

I recommend that you turn off your Smartwatch and smartphone to charge fast at night. Note that a smartwatch will discontinue charging after it is full, regardless of whether you unplug it or not after a full charge.

Is it Safe to Wear a Smartwatch All the Time? 

Except for the small clock face, a smartwatch allows good living at all times. A smartwatch keeps you updated on your life online even when you are not with your Smartphone because some smartwatches do not need to be connected to a smartphone.

Radiations are carcinogenic, and that’s why many people argue about wearing a smartwatch to bed. However, radiation from a smartwatch is significantly low. Studies show that radiation from a smartwatch may not be carcinogenic.

A  smartwatch is designed to enhance people’s lives and alleviate stress. The silver lining is that a smartwatch could be an investment because they have varying functions to make life easier and better.

But here’s the thing. Overusing a smartwatch can cause less production and fatigue and cause several health issues like headaches, mood swings, eye problems, irregular sleep or sleep patterns, etc. So the trick is to use a smartwatch moderately and safely.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Wearing a Smartwatch

Just like everything else, wearing a smartwatch has its advantages and disadvantages. So quickly, let me highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a smartwatch. A smartwatch is a compact watch with hundreds of fitness apps. It comes in varying models and colors to fit your needs. 

Sadly, a smartwatch has a low battery life and a small clock face. A smartwatch is also pricey compared to a quartz watch. And some smartwatches are not water-proof and easily be damaged by exposure to water. 


A Smartwatch can not perform all the functions of a smartphone, but with emerging technologies, a smartwatch can do most functions of a smartphone on a day-to-day basis.

To reduce the health risks of smartwatches, smartwatches should be worn occasionally to track and monitor activities.  

Another way to wear a smartwatch safely is to put the Smartwatch in night mode or sleep mode when sleeping. The Do not disturb mode is another great option to safely wear a smartwatch to bed to track sleep quality and sleep time.

Above all, ensure that you get quality sleep when wearing a smartwatch to bed by ensuring that the functions on the Smartwatch are not interrupted. Our final word to you- ensure that you wear a smartwatch the proper way and at the right time to avoid health issues.

If you are a tech-savvy person, then maybe we have something in common. My name is Elena Davis, and I love everything technology. Testing new wearable technology products and review them is one of my favorite things. I’m contributing my 10+ years experiences in product reviewing for multiple digital brands and companies.